Despite the visual and thematic similaritys of "Poupée", with albums such as "Bella Postic" or "L' Strange Docteur Mazsovitch" by Bruno Coq (1) or the work of Quinn and Morale, the talented french Artist Pitek convinced with a skillful comic work; which is entirely made on the computer. If his performance in black & white already excellent - his color images are even more impressiv.

With an ultra-realistic drawing style, Pitek tells in "Poupée" the adventures of a young submissive "maid", called "Poupée" - the doll.

She is at the beginning of the album a "slave sex doll" for its "master" and attends to his satisfaction. After their meeting she changes back into everyday life and turned into the secretary, "Mademoiselle D". But she is ready to serve more than one master. Poupée also works for a mistress. She prepares for Poupée and other playmates just a small "gangbang"-S&M-party. Superbly edited to 46 pages, the reader experienced the finest roleplay/BDSM-fantasy with explicit details and nonviolent aesthetic.

The album "Poupée" been issued by the French distribution Rebecca Rils, which has been made the new editions of Kovacqs "Diana" and "Hilda" series, as well as the works of Bruno Coq.

The artist PiteK was interviewed early December 2009. Here is, what he said:

About your Pseudonym. Whats the story - if there is one - behind the name Pitek?
Very simple! australopitek! or PITEKanthropus! A kind of human race fortunately disappeared (but not in the comics!)

Can you give us some infos - a small insight look - about your person. For example: where you come from? where do you live at the moment? First art jobs,...?
I'm 42 years old, I'm French and I live in South West of France

You attended an Art School or something similar?
Yes,I used my pants in some french and boring Art schools (Except when I drew nudes). 

Which artists or persons had or have influence on your work? Do you have favorite comic artists you admire?
I love the 70's and 80's comics like Georges Pichard (Blanche Epiphanie) Moebius, Manara (le roi singe) Barbarella, Crepax,Tardi etc; and also the japan's illustrators (Katsuya Terada, Miyazaki etc) US and Italian comics (RankXerox, etc.)

"Poupée" bears some resemblance/similaritys to the work of Bruno COQ. Set Design and some characters look familiar to the comic albums Bella Postic and L´Strange Docteur Mazsovitch. Was this approximation - which has certainly contributed to connect the two names Pitek and COQ - intended?
Clearly, when I started to draw for IPM (BDXSM & BDAdult) they wanted to me that I replace COQ (Black & white and fetish S&M) because he left them. Maybe I imitated him so well! but he is a traditional illustrator while I'm a geek computer illustrator!

"The world of Poupée is the world of BDSM and fetish". Very intense, very realistic - even in the drawings. Submissive, explicit ,.. yes, but not violent, demeaning or humiliating for the female characters. Was that your approach? Poupée in his function as a "sex-doll" or "slave-doll" can still preserve some dignity in your story.
The answer will be in the volume 2 or 3. But sex doll is right. In the real life we have to respect each other but not in fantasm! the line is in this duality.

About your drawing technique. I suspect the "preparatory drawing" - means "pencils" - occur traditional with pencil and paper. In which phase comes the computer in use? Can you give us a little report of your work flow and/or working techniques.
I used only Photoshop, Poser and a Wacom graphic palette (and cigarets)

Do you create the "color"-finishing in black and white - or better "shades of gray"; or maybe in true color (to be prepared for a colorprinting)?
Shades of grey for volume 1 but color for the future other volumes. A color version of Poupée volume 1 is in preparation (numeric download version for the future web site of Rebecca Rils ed.)

About your background/career. 
Is "Poupée" your first erotic comic work? Can you tell us something about your older publications? Maybe illustrations or "short storys" for magazines…

I worked for no fun commercial illustrated editions...and sometimes for Cds. I started for IPM BDXSM with short stories (see attached files) .

There will be a second part of Poupée. What can you tell us about it? Other future plans you can announce?
Now, I finish a very weird comic in color about heretic sex nuns and crazy inquisitor (see attached files) Vices & Novices will be in stores in 2010.

update: 2012 appeared the second part of "Poupée" #2 in France. 2013 the second part of Vices & Novices. 2015 the third part of "Poupée".

(1) No wonder, because behind the pseudonym Pitek, Bruno Coq hides himself.

(Quelle: Encyclopédie de la BD érotique, Auflage 2011, S.90/91)

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